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Tuomo elf

Tuomo elf

Tuomo is 157 years old and a beardless elf. He is very young for an elf so he is one of the youngsters in Korvatunturi. Tuomo hasn’t used a pacifier for a while anymore, at least not in a hundred years! He knows how to make a frontflip from the roof into the snow. He admires Santa Claus more than anything.

Elves are Santa’s loyal helpers and their job is to find out what children want for Christmas and to prepare the gifts. The elves live in Korvatunturi, together with Santa and Mrs. Claus but you can spot them everywhere in Finland, especially during Christmas time.

All elves have special responsibilities. Some of them make gifts, some take care of Santa’s mail, the kitchen elves help with cooking, the candy elves prepare Christmas sweets, some elves take care of the reindeer, while the fisherman elves bring salmon to Santa’s dinner table and the berry elves pick berries. The porridge elves make the traditional Christmas porridge, the car elves work as drivers, the computer elves operate the modern telecommunications systems, the telephone elves answer the phone, the doll elves make dolls, the knitter elves knit beautiful socks and mittens and so on. The list is endless.