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  • Santa Claus in South Korea

    Santa Claus Licensing has a visible role in Korea this Christmas. Santa Claus is featuring an authentich Finnish Christmas at Lotte Department Stores and Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. Santa is bringing the Finnish Christmas traditions to South Korea by joining the Christmas events at Lotte Department Store and Walkerhill Hotel. Both locations are decorated according to

  • Santa’s Official Gateway

    Finavia is an official partner of the Santa Claus Foundation. As a result of the cooperation that began in 2015, Helsinki Airport has been given a valuable title: Santa’s Official Gateway. Santa Claus will visit the beautifully decorated Helsinki Airport almost every day in December. The airport has also two gift wrapping stations. For more information please refer to the

  • Donations 2015, by The Santa Claus Foundation

    Each child has the right for education. The Santa Claus Foundation aims at promoting children’s educational opportunities with the 2015 donations. Santa wishes, that as many children as possible would have access to education and accumulation of knowledge. The Santa Claus’ gift is delivered through Save the Children Finland. The international share of the Santa Claus’ gift will be donated

  • Santa’s Official Home Airport is ready for winter

    Busy winter expected at Santa’s official home airport! “Now we are ready to wish travellers welcome to the official airport of Santa Claus. Thanks to charter flights and the extensive range of routes offered by Helsinki Airport, Rovaniemi is within easy reach from all parts of the world. The Arctic Circle can be visited, directly or via one connecting flight,

  • Santa’s Magical Puzzle

    Santa’s Magical Puzzle is now online in Google Play! This playful puzzle game is launched together with MOKENTO and Santa Claus Licensing. The game allows you to meet the Santa Claus family and to experience the magical world of Korvatunturi. Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and the Elves will be with you throughout the whole game. The further you get in